Thursday, January 9, 2020

Meghan and Harry, Oh No, Say It Isn't So

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Meghan Markle and Harry will no longer be “Senior Royals”!  They made this announcement earlier this week.  We haven’t written a word about it up till now because, well because even though it is earth shattering news, we’re unable to figure out…  What does this mean?

We know they will still be the “Duchesse and Duke of Sussex” thank God.  But they say they intend to work and make their own money!  Does this mean like having jobs?  Actually jobs?  Are they giving up the Castle, the servants, the nannies, the cars? Oh no, say it isn’t so! 

Will Meghan go back to acting?  We think she’d be great on one of the many new shows like The FBI’s Most Wanted or even one of the old shows like one of the many NCIS ones.  She could be added to the cast as a former MI6 Agent who fell in love with the wrong guy and she had to be sent to America where she was actually born.  Her parents posed as British diplomats but they were really MI6 agents too.  There could be a whole lot of back stories here.  We don’t see her on Survivor though.  She’s too skinny and won’t last too long.  Or any of The Real Housewives Of…  because she’s actually married.  But Big Brother is a possibility.  Oh wait, how about The View?  We think Meghan will be great almost anywhere.  But what is Harry going to do?  Who’s going to hire the guy?  How do you tell the Duke of Sussex that he needs to have that report on your desk, first thing Monday morning?

But if anyone out there knows what this all means, please, no puhleeze! Let us know.

BTW they are calling the Meghan and Harry thing MEGXIT over there on the other side of the pond.  Sort of like Brexit.  Poor Harry’s not even in the title.  On this side of the pond J-lo always gets top billing when marrying or dating someone.  But at least Alex Rodriguez gets a piece of his name in there.  They are known, as J-rod now.  But poor Harry gets nothing, not even a few letters or even one letter of his name.  Oh no, say it isn’t so.  Just say it isn’t so.

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