Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Great Kung Flu Crisis

Dr. Fauci bobblehead unveiled, portion of proceeds going to 100 ...

Back in March Dr. Fauci told us that 2.2 million Americans were going to die of the Kung Flu.  Then he amended the total to 1.7 million Americans were going to die of this Chinese, Wuhan Kung Flu.  Then in April he changed the figures again this time he said that somewhere between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans would die of the Kung Flu.  Now if you owned a business and needed help, would you hire this guy?

Now no one is keeping tabs on suicides during this The Great Kung Flu Crisis but a quick poll among our staff revealed that 90% of us have had suicidal ideation in the last few weeks.  While this is not a scientific poll by any means, we have some numbers here, so we can just throw them out there, like everyone else is doing.  And, if we extrapolate those figures like everyone else is doing with no regard to science, math or common sense, this would mean that 90% the American people have pondered.  “To be or not to be…” in the last few weeks.

We love how our celebrities come on during commercials and tell us to “Stay safe.  Stay home.”  Psst, psst celebrities, everything is closed.  There is nowhere to go.  We’re already home.  For some of us it’s safe there, for others…

And the one great mystery of this The Great Kung Flu Crisis is, why were people buying toilet paper?  Can someone please explain.  And, we don’t want any speculation here.  We want to hear from people who have a few closets or an entire bedroom stacked wall to wall, with rolls of toilet paper.  Why did you do it?  You, can use the comments section below or PM us at

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