Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Public Service Announcement – The Do’s and Don’ts

In addition to the steps that the Mass Hysteria repeat all day, every day, there are other steps everyone needs to take and they are:

Don’t have sex with strangers.  If you do, try not to kiss.  If you have to kiss don’t use tongue.  If you have to use tongue, wear a condom.

Of course, wash your hands.  Try not to touch the other person’s face or your own.  If you do, wash your hands.  Of course, wear condoms for the usual stuff and take a shower.  And yes, wash your hands.

Of course, we’re not mentioning the name of this thing that you need to take these steps for, as it offends some people from a certain country that starts with the letter C.  Hint, hint, the name of this thing also starts with a C and no, you don’t get a lime with it.

Also, do not buy toilet paper.  It won’t help.

Both Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have contracted this thing.  Keep your eye on them.  If they live, it means there is light at the end of the tunnel.  If they die, well make sure your affairs are in order.  For those who survive, at least you won’t have to watch him in another bad movie.

We’ve reached the end of the Do’s and Don’ts for now.  We’ll be back with more as this thing evolves and yes, it’s time to wash your hands again.

Dicens simile factum est
Pro Bono Publico

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