Sunday, March 8, 2020

Solving the Problem + - /

Here’s the problem and it’s a math problem.  If you had 500 million dollars and your altruistic soul wanted to share all of that with the American people, how much money could you give each American?  Easy you may say there are 327 million people in the good ole USA so that comes to one dollar and fifty-three cents per American.  But don’t try to tell that to Brian Williams of MSNBC, Mara Gay of The New York Times or Mekita Rivas a sometime writer for the Washington Post because they think, you could give everyone in America a million dollars each with that 500 million.  We kind of like the math of the assorted Talking Heads and The Cognoscenti of the Known World.  We wish they would take us shopping or out to dinner or better still, to a Casino.  They might be out a few K by the end of the evening but they’d think it was only a buck fifty-three.

But this does answer a different problem for us and it’s a math problem too.  We’ve long wondered why the media can’t ever get something like a simple figure right.  Like the war in Iraq has cost either 700 billion or 800 billion or a trillion or two depending on what outlet you are reading.  Or before Obamacare there were 25 million people without health insurance one day then 30 million the next.  Then a week later there were 35 million people without health insurance.  Then two years after implementing Obamacare, all the Talking Heads and The Cognoscenti of the Known World were ecstatic because 14 million people had signed up for health insurance through Obamacare.  Something that never did add up.  Like what happened to the other11, or 16 or 21 million people without health insurance?  Did they all die while waiting?  But now, we know.  There’s no math requirement in the Talking Head job description nor is it required to become one of The Cognoscenti of the Known World.

So, when things don’t quite add up in this world, or subtract properly or well divide evenly, at least now, we all know why.

Dicens simile factum est
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