Sunday, March 1, 2020

Going On, To Other Things

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We were sitting around the office kicking around ideas for our weekly column when Cynthia Caruso our international reporter floated this idea.  She didn’t think Meghan was going to stay with Harry too much longer.  The staff was flabbergasted and we couldn’t help but ask how she could think such a thing.  Cynthia went on to explain that Meghan had been an actress a very successful one too and she had given it up.  And Cynthia explained that Meghan had given up the acting gig, so she could go on to other things.  Then Meghan met and bewitched Harry and became a Royal.  But Meghan was only at the Royal thing for a year and half, when she gave that up too.  Why? Because she wanted go on to other things, like save the planet and the human race along with it.  So sooner or later Cynthia explained Meghan would give up Harry.  Why?  So, she could go on to other things.

Which brings us to the whole Russia, Russia, Russia thing.  Back in 1987 before the collapse of the USSR, the Gross Domestic Product of that evil empire was 2.51 trillion dollars.  The Gross Domestic Product or GDP is what a country is worth, the sum total of their wealth.  In comparison the Gross Domestic Product of the United States of America at that time was 4.87 trillion dollars.  So, the GDP of the USSR was a little more than half of the USA’s.  Then the USSR collapsed.  You might remember this and if you do that’s good.  Because The Cognoscenti of The Known World seem to have forgotten all about it.  But the GDP of Russia today is 1.64 trillion dollars.  As you can see when their evil empire collapsed, the Russia, Russia Russians, lost a few bucks.  The GDP of the good ole USA is now 21.43 trillion dollars and that is 13 times greater than Russia, Russia Russia’s.  In just the last three years while Donald John Trump has been President, the GDP of the US of A has grown by 2.72 trillion dollars.  A whole lot more than the Russians have to begin with.  So, someone might ask why would the Russians want Donald J. Trump to be President?  Obviously so the USA could leave them so far behind that, the Russians could get out of the Super Power business altogether.  Why?  So, they could go on to do other things.  Like maybe, a Green New Deal.

If you stop to think about it maybe being a Super Power isn’t what it’s all crocked up to be.  As a Super Power you have to fund large armies and navies.  And, you have to give foreign aid to crappy little countries all over the globe.  Counties that would never lift a finger for you.  And, at any given moment at least half the world hates your guts.  By contrast nobody hates the island nation of Jamaica.  Everyone just goes there for vacation.  No one hates Brazil either.  People just go there to party.  By the way the GDP of Brazil is 1.87 trillion and that’s more than Russia.  So, you don’t have to go completely broke either.  Maybe there is something to this, going on to other things.

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